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Designing all the hospital departments considering the circulation between them according to the international standards and contemporary design parameters. The hospital designs and drawings are reviewed based on the departments, patient flow, adequateness for other services and management ease. We bring in our vast experience to ensure that the design enhances the effectiveness and efficiency of the facility at optimal cost.
• Design the piping paths • prepare devices specifications, quantities and estimate prices
Overseeing all the stages of implementing and finishing of hospitals, including choosing all types of finishing according to the nature of each department and corridors according to the international standards.
We have a significant experience in medical equipment planning and procurement. The medical equipment consultation services are consisting of four stages: • Preparing a visibility study, estimated prices and specifications for medical equipment and the medical and non-medical furniture • Preparing a study of power consumption for medical equipment, including different types of power supply (generator – ups) • Selection and procurement process • Overseeing the inspection and installation of medical equipment.
We are capable of performing a maintenance program for all medical equipment of the hospital, including the various types of maintenances (periodic – preventive – emergency), Also following up the warranty period of new equipment.
We have the experience to choose the suitable HMIS software and modules according to the needs of each hospital.



Hospital Planning and Design


95% Complete

Design Medical gas station and piping


84% Complete

Overseeing the implementation stages and finishing


77% Complete

Medical equipment planning and procurement


92% Complete

Hospital maintenance


82% Complete

HMIS Consultation


70% Complete